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My name is Astrid van Loon and  I am a distributor of Neolife International since 2004. With great pleasure : I have learned a lot about sales , customer satisfaction and how to recruit , develop and supervise distributors . That inspires me daily .

I love doing business , but most of it, the contact with people . I ‘m curious about who they are and how they live . It remains exciting and challenging to convince them how valuable the Neolife products are . And how important it is to care for yourself and your environment in a natural way. Meanwhile I have had many successful exhibitions , fairs and home presentations organized. In that way I expanded my contact list and made alot of friends.

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Hello , my name is Petra van Loon  and I am a distributor of GNLD products since 2011.

Own positive experience

In 2010 I came in contact with GNLD through my sister-in-law. Since the birth of our eldest daughter in 2007 I had frequent depressive symptoms,  especially anxiety . The doctor subscribed antidepressants  but I didn’t want to use these chemical medicine as it is addictive and has a lot of side effects.

On the advice of my sister-in-law, I started with Feminine Herbal Complex. With great result – thanks to this herbal product I feel much more balanced. I enjoy the things I do  again and anxiety is history . I do not begrudge other people these positive effects , and therefore I have become a seller of GNLD products.

Many benefits:

• I have my own business .
• I can organize my own time .
• It is easy to combine with my work and our family .
• It gives me a good feeling when people feels better by using  GNLD products.
• I can develop myself constantly . Thanks to the excellent support and training I learn more and more about these high quality products.

Travel regularly

I always get a huge GNLD–boost at the the international conferences of GNLD. We went to Budapest in 2013 and Mallorca last year and we are planning to visit Venice this year. A great opportunity!

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Hello, my name is Kommie.

I started as a distributor in South Africa in 1991. At that time we had small children and this opportunity suited me perfect. To earn my own money on my own time!

To help people

I was excited to hear that GNLD offered  free training  to learn all about the products, the business plan and how to do this business. I met more and more people and could help them with my knowledge about health, and tell them more about our natural, biodegradable cleaning products. I became  much more self-confident.

A lot of benefits

I got a GNLD-‘virus’ which came to stay!! To be a GNLD distributor has a lot of benefits for me : :

  • I decide when I want to work
  • I like the products – they are high quality products
  • I learn how to deal with people
  • The company supports me with business tools and training
  • I have my own business!

GNLD is international

We came back to the Netherlands in 2008 and  I started a GNLD business here. In all these years   I built a team and got many customers. I still work with my South African team, as my daughter-in-law is a distributor as well  and takes care of my clients in South-Africa.

From time to time we go to foreign countries for training or to attend an European convention. We already went to London, Rome, Budapest and Mallorca. Truly a great opportunity, because we also held time to relax there and enjoy!

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