Botanical Balance - Antioxidant with curcuma, cinnamon and chrome

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      Botanical Balance is a unique and exclusive combination of the well-known plant nutrients and spices - Cassia Cinnamon, Turmeric and Curcumin. It is designed to support normal pre- and post-meal glucose levels.... Show more

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      At NeoLife we ​​understand the importance of keeping blood sugar stable with our Glycemic Response Technology.
      To complement and strengthen our overall approach, we have developed a groundbreaking product. It provides additional support at various levels for the body's glucose management systems and also protects against harmful inflammation and oxidation. This protection is especially vital for organs such as the liver and pancreas that have to work hard to keep blood glucose levels stable. This product provides support on the level of digestion and absorption, as well as various other glucose control points in the body.

      NeoLife Botanical Balance was developed by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to provide support for normal pre- and post-meal glucose levels.

      Botanical Balance is a unique and exclusive combination of the well-known plant nutrients and spices: cassia cinnamon, turmeric and curcumin. These are combined with the supporting nutrients chromium and alpha-lipoic acid. This broad spectrum provides support to maintain a normal, healthy blood glucose level. It has been formulated by the SAB to function well with the body's own biochemistry.


      Cassia cinnamon has been selected as ingredient because it is by far the most studied and proven form for supporting healthy glucose metabolism.

      The polyphenols (mainly cinnamic acid) in cinnamon reduce the amount of glucose that is absorbed by the intestines.

      Cinnamon has the ability to lower fasting blood sugar (before a meal) and post-prandial blood sugar (after a meal).

      Several studies have shown that the daily consumption of cinnamon can also improve insulin production by the pancreas and the response of cells to insulin. It can also help against insulin sensitivity.

      Finally, it seems that cinnamon also has a positive effect on the liver as a glucose storage in the fuel glycogen.

      Turmeric and Curcumin

      The second and third components of this exclusive Botanical blend are turmeric and curcumin, both of which are used in Indian cooking and traditional Indian medicine. Both curcumin and turmeric have anti-inflammatory effects.

      Curcumin, extracted from turmeric root, has been very well tested in human clinical trials (more than 100 human clinical trials). According to some reports, both turmeric and curcumin have the potential to lower blood sugar and positively affect blood fats.

      While modern science has not been able to substantiate many of turmeric's traditional uses, clinical studies have shown two very important effects: anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant effects.

      In a human clinical study reported in the Nutrition Journal in 2010, healthy volunteers were given turmeric powder and subjected to oral glucose tolerance tests. The result was an increase in insulin production in the turmeric subjects versus the subjects who received a placebo. This indicates a positive, supportive effect of turmeric on insulin production and the secretion function of the pancreas.


      Chromium is a critical co-factor of insulin and essential for the normal healthy metabolism of carbohydrates. It maintains normal cellular sensitivity to insulin.

      Alpha-Lipoic Acid

      Alpha-Lipoic Acid protects against free radicals which are formed during metabolic processes, supports normal blood sugar and supports the cells' ability to use insulin.

      Ingredients: Cinnamon Extract, Curcumin Extract, Turmeric Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium (III) Chloride

      Other ingredients: stabilizers: calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose; stabilizer: cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; anti-caking agents: stearic acid, silicon dioxide; dried yeast, magnesium stearate, brightener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; glycerine

      This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Keep cool and dry. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

      Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

      Recommended dosage: 2 x 2 tablets per day, for the 2 largest meals, unless otherwise advised.

      (120 tablets)

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      5 from 5
      Its powerful medicine and great supplement that really work I buy to my mom and her sugar balance she inform our neighbour with chronic diabetes and use it also her sugar balance. Its Best of Best.
      Posted by: Joseph Mrema on 23 June 2021
      Botanical Balance - Antioxidant with curcuma, cinnamon and chrome
      € 65,85
      Botanical Balance - Antioxidant with curcuma, cinnamon and chrome
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