Carotenoid Complex - Antioxidant from fruit and vegetables

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      Carotenoid Complex is a fat-soluble antioxidant that boost your immunesystem with 37% in just 20 days. It supports normal cell growth and repairs and promotes cell resistance. It supports the cardiovascular system.... Show more

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      Nature knows substances that we can produce ourselves and others that we must get from our food. Carotenoids belong to the latest category. These pigments from fruit and vegetables cannot be produced by the human body, but we do need them. We find more than six hundred carotenoids in nature. Carotenoids are the natural colors of red, yellow and orange pigments found in the fruits and vegetables we eat.

      Carotenoid Complex is a powerful, fat-soluble antioxidant that boosts the immunesystem by 37% in just 20 days!

      NeoLife Carotenoid Complex was brought on the market in 1992. After a research period of 10 years, and 7 years of development, Carotenoid Complex opens a new field in nutritional supplements.

      There are some carotenoids available, but none of them can be compared to Carotenoid Complex.

      The exclusive combination of tomatoes, carrots, spinach, peppers, strawberries, apricots, peaches and pure olive oil ensures that the carotenoids are properly absorbed by the body. The addition of pure lecithin, derived from soybeans, maintains the stability of the carotenoids and promotes their diffusion during digestion. Carotenoid Complex supports normal cell growth and repairs and promotes cell resistance. It also supports the cardiovascular system.

      Carotenoid Complex contains all types of carotenoids: in density, in diversity and naturally balanced. For example: not only lycopene, but the tomato concentrate in its entirety.

      It is the most complete carotenoid supplement available and consists of 15 powerful carotenoids such as alpha, beta, gamma, zeta and cis beta carotene, lycopene, lutein, alpha and beta cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, canthaxanthin, capsanthin and cryptocapsin.

      It is manufactured at a low temperature to prevent the loss of nutrients and that is precisely why high quality is ensured.

      This supplement contains vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) which protects the nutrients from oxidation. The natural vitamin E that is used is easily absorbed and works effectively as an antioxidant. It also ensures that cholesterol is dissolved and excreted.

      When the cell membrane is unhealthy or damaged (eg by inhaling toxic gases), not all the nutrients can be absorbed into the cell, so they remain outside the cell. After four days they become poisonous. Carotenoid Complex removes the toxins from the cell and helps to excrete them. It also forms a protective layer around the cell and repels viruses.

      Carotenoid Complex

      • increases resistance
      • supports liver cleansing
      • supports the condition of the eye
      • has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract
      • supports the regenerative capacity of the skin

      Without added colors, sweeteners or flavors and preservatives. It also contains no synthetic additives from plant parts that aren't part of the diet.

      Ingredients: vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol), carotene: beta carotene, alpha carotene, lycopene, lutein

      Other ingredients: gelatin, carotenoid mixture (carrot, paprika, tomato and spinach, sunflower oil), olive oil, thickener: glycerol, fruit mixture (strawberry powder, apricot powder, peach powder), emulsifier: yellow beeswax, soy lecithin, coloring agent: iron oxide

      This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Keep cool and dry. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

      Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

      Recommended dosage: 1-3 capsules per day, unless otherwise advised.

      (90 capsules)

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      5 from 5
      Heb carotenoid nadat ik corona gehad heb 2x per dag ingenomen. Kreeg er al snel meer energie van
      Posted by: Anoniem on 17 September 2022
      5 from 5
      Al een jaar lang heb ik verschillende klachten zoals vermoeidheid, verminderde energie, lusteloos. Bij het ontwaken ben ik zo moe en had ik het gevoel amper geslapen te hebben. Via een distributeur van Neolife gestart met de Carotenoid. De eerste twee dagen gebruikte ik 1 capsule per dag. Om mijn doel sneller te bereiken (mijzelf beter voelen, energie hebben om de dag aan te kunnen en daardoor beter in mijn vel te zitten) ben ik begonnen met twee capsules per dag. Dit heb ik een week gedaan. Vervolgens terug maar een capsule per dag. Ik ben gediagnostiseerd met een adenoom in mijn bijschildklier. Deze wordt binnekort verwijderd. Maar sinds ik gestart ben met de Carotenoid voel ik me veel beter. Het resultaat mag er zijn! Ik heb meer energie, dit blijkt uit de hoeveelheid werk die ik per dag kan verrichten zonder mezelf te moeten pushen om wat te gaan doen. Ik wordt nog wel steeds erg moe wakker maar dit heeft ook te maken met de hooikoorts sympthomen waar ik momenteel mee te maken heb. Herken je deze klachten bij jezelf? Dan is het zeker de moeite waard om te proberen. Ik ben er erg blij mee en ik ben de distributeur erg dankbaar dat ze mij dit heeft aangeraden.
      Posted by: Joanne on 14 June 2021
      Carotenoid Complex - Antioxidant from fruit and vegetables
      € 67,25
      Carotenoid Complex - Antioxidant from fruit and vegetables
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