Garlic Allium Complex

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      Garlic Allium Complex is a concentrated garlic supplement that, in addition to allicin (a natural antibiotic), also contains other bioactive substances found in allium vegetables such as garlic, onion, chives and leeks. These are very important for good h... Show more
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      Garlic is a plant from the Allium family. In ancient times, garlic was mainly used for its medicinal and health-promoting properties. Garlic is known to improve the immune system.

      Numerous scientific studies link the consumption of allium vegetables such as garlic, onions, chives and leeks with lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and infections.

      Garlic phytonutrients help to lower and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. It can lower LDL but does not directly affect HDL.

      Garlic has the ability to prevent the growth of the candida fungus.

      Garlic promotes normal cell growth and renewal (especially in the gastrointestinal tract).

      Garlic Allium Complex contains not only garlic, but a broad spectrum of bioactive ingredients from various vegetables of the Allium family - garlic, onion, chives and leeks. The special enteric coating of each tablet ensures that these active compounds are delivered directly into the gut to promote optimal activity, stability and absorption.

      Garlic Allium Complex contains not only allicin (a natural antibiotic), but also other bioactive substances that occur naturally in allium vegetables. These are important for good health. Garlic Allium Complex provides 4.2 mg of allicin in one serving, the same amount as in one fresh clove of garlic. It also contains the important substances alliin and allinase, the components the body needs to produce allicin.
      With this garlic supplement there is a minimal chance of a garlic breath!

      Ingredients: garlic, onion, leek, rosemary, chives

      Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agent: stearic acid; stabilizer: ethyl cellulose, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid; dyes: titanium dioxide, sodium alginate; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; stabilizer: shellac; coating agent: talc

      This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Keep cool and dry. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

      Keep out of reach of children.

      Recommended dosage: 1 - 2 tablets per day, unless otherwise advised.

      (60 tablets)

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      5 from 5
      Mijn zoontje van 6 jaar was vreselijk verkouden, hoesten en zn oren deden zeer. Hij is veel verkouden en lang. De Garlic gegeven wel 6 per dag! Na 1 dag minder verkouden na 2 dagen veel minder hoesten, binnen 1 week was hij helemaal beter. Super gewerkt!
      Posted by: Juliëtte on 23 March 2022
      5 from 5
      Slikte al jaaaaren 2 soorten medicatie, ik denk wel 20 jaar sowieso en nog niet echt goede bloeddruk gehad toen, nu ongeveer 2 jaar neolife, eerst kon het 1e pilletje eraf, en bleef de bloeddruk al mooier. Nu zelfs de 2e pil eraf. En echt nette bloeddruk. En die bloeddruk was echt wel is heel ernstig gevaarlijk hoog met medicatie. Zelfs boven de 200 geweest de bovendruk. Dokters zijn super tevreden. Als t in januari goed is de meting ben ik geen bloeddruk patiënt meer
      Posted by: Anoniem on 10 December 2021
      Garlic Allium Complex
      € 23,10
      Garlic Allium Complex
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