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      Booster gives more cleaning power to the water, especially hard water, and thus gives extra support to your cleaning agent to remove extra stubborn stains or dirt.... Show more

      Product description

      Booster is a color brightening agent that can also be used to remove stubborn stains or dirt. It promotes the work of any detergent or liquid cleaner, which ensures better results. Booster enhances the cleaning process by removing stains and helps prevent yellowing and graying. It restores whiteness and clarity. It works effectively in all types of water and is safe to use with all colors of laundry.

      • Booster is an extremely powerful emulsifier: it breaks down insoluble fats, oil and impurities so that it mixes with the water and washes away
      • Booster is environmentally friendly, organic and phosphate free
      • Versatile and economical: makes cleaning products, soaps and washing powders more effective
      • Promotes Brightness: Helps prevent clothes from yellowing after repeated washings
      • Pleasant, fresh scent

      How to use Booster?

      • Kitchen: Add a little bit of Booster to LDC to dry the dishes without stains
      • Kitchen: Add Booster (diluted 1:1) to the dishwasher as rinse aid
      • Laundry: Add a small cap of Booster to your detergent
      • Garage: Use Booster in combination with Super10 for extremely dirty surfaces
      • General cleaning (except windows): add 15ml Booster to Super10 (1: 3 or 1:10) in a spray bottle

      <5% anionic surfactants, aliphatic hydrocarbons, EDTA, fragrances, hexylcinamal, limonene.

      Safety requirement:
      Keep out of reach of children. May be irritating to eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. In case of ingestion or prolonged irritation, a doctor can be consulted.

      (1 litre)

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      5 from 5
      Ik had 14dgn geleden ook een fles Booster aangeschaft. Vorige week kwam m'n zoon met een aantal witte shirts die erg grauw geworden waren. Hij vroeg of ik er nog wat mee kon. Ik heb ze in een teiltje warm water gezet met 2 dopjes Booster. Dat een paar uur laten staan. Toen gewassen op 40 gr in de wasmachine met 1 dopje Booster. Prachtig wit zijn ze weer.
      Posted by: Thea on 15 July 2021

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