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      Everyone ingests toxins through food, exhaust fumes and many other ways on a daily basis. The body normally removes these toxins from the body. However, our body is exposed to too many toxins, which means the body is unable to get rid of all the toxins. These toxins are then stored in the body in organs and adipose tissue.

      The storage of toxins can have the following negative consequences:

      • Fatigue
      • Poor weight loss
      • Lower immunesystem
      • Increased risk of diseases
      • Rapid aging of the body
      • Complaints such as: muscle pains, headaches, etc.

      A detox helps to break down toxins, so they can then be eliminated from the body.

      We have 3 different detox programs : for 1-3 persons.

      Detox from NeoLife:

      The keyword for detoxification is elimination. Toxins can be eliminated from our body in 4 different ways: the lungs, skin, urinary tract and digestive tract. With this program we focus on the digestive tract.

      Step 1

      We use 5 products from NeoLife:

      • Garlic Allium Complex
        • as a natural antibiotics, to get rid of bad bacteria and parasites
      • Betaguard
        • a natural antioxidant and detoxification formula to promote metabolism
      • Acidophilus Plus
        • a powerful probiotic to restore the intestinal flora
      • NeoLife Shake
        • a protein shake to restore the protein level
      • NeoLife Tea
        • a herbal tea that provides energy and prevents getting hungry

      Decide on 2 days to focus on the detox and change your diet.

      Start day 1 with:

      • a large cup of NeoLife Tea
      • 2 Garlic tablets and 2 Betaguard tablets

      In addition, you are allowed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (raw or lightly steamed) throughout the day, but try to eat more vegetables than fruits. You can eat as much as you want: small portions throughout the day. Important: no bananas, juice or other soft drinks. These can cause your sugar level to fluctuate and that could affect your energy level.

      Continue to drink plenty of water and tea throughout the day. Try to drink tea and water every 1-2 hours. One cup of coffee is acceptable, but without milk and sugar.

      At the end of the day, between your dinner and bedtime, take again:

      • 2 Garlic tablets and 2 Betaguard tablets

      The combination of the fruits, vegetables, tea, water, Garlic and Betaguard ensures that your intestines are starting with the detoxification process.

      Repeat this process the next day!

      Step 2

      From the 3rd day it's time to restore the intestinal flora:

      • Stop taking the Garlic tablets
      • Take 2 Betaguard tablets and 1 Acidophilus capsule
      • Enjoy several large cups of NeoLife Tea

      It is important to continue to drink plenty of water and tea, but also important to regain protein. Therefore, use NeoLife Shake for breakfast and lunch, mixed with 240-300 ml of water or milk.

      At the end of day 3, eat a healthy meal, for example:

      • half a plate of vegetables, eg: spinach, broccoli or cauliflower
      • a quarter plate of potatoes, (brown) rice or (whole grain) pasta
      • a quarter plate of meat eg: grilled salmon fillet or fried chicken fillet

      Between your dinner and bedtime you take again the Betaguard and the Acidophilus Plus.

      Continue to take the Acidophilus and Betaguard until the 7th day.

      You can continue your healthy daily diet from day 4.


      All products in this detox program are available separately:

      Garlic Allium Complex


      Acidophilus Plus

      NeoLife Shake

      NeoLife Tea

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      Ik had al maanden een eczeemplekje tussen m'n tenen wat maar bleef zeuren. Na de kuur is het verdwenen!
      Posted by: Lien on 17 June 2024
      5 from 5
      Van de week voor de 2e keer de detox gedaan. De eerste paar dagen waren nu veel beter te doen. De vorige keer 3kg afgevallen en nu 1kg. Ook weer net als de vorige keer veel meer energie na de detoxkuur zo fijn.
      Posted by: Anoniem on 14 May 2022
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