Did you know…

  • Your intestinal flora take anywhere  from 4 to 8 weeks or more to recover from a course of antibiotics?
  • Neolife Aloe Vera Plus Drink is made with 50% pure aloe vera juice, obtained from the soothing, pleasant-tasting inner gel of the aloe leaf… and none of the bitter, laxative rind.
  • As soon as your child can drink from a two-handled kiddie-cup, they can start the nutritional supplements Neolife has designed for them.
Welcome to Neolife International in The Netherlands
Neolife in The Netherlands is part of Neolife International. You can contact us for natural dietary supplements and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Neolife’s nutritional supplements can help with allergies, muscle pain, migraines, intestinal problems, painful joints, fatigue, hormonal problems and other inconveniences. We also have a special weight loss program, also suitable for diabetics, and an outstanding range of skin and body care.